The user friendly software makes the machine extremely versatile. 
The machine is equipped with a Windows PC interface used for writing and storing programs.

software 1
  • DXF profile import
  • Control of the dimension and position for the mortise and tenon
  • Control of tool path, scoring & hogging
  • Step hogging operations for wide and complex shapes.
  • Feed rate control for every step in the tool path.
  • Graphic representation of profile and tool paths associated with the current program.

The tool path is completely controlled by the operator. 
Score depth, radius control, exit, entry, number of passes to cut the tenon, all controllable. 
This approach allows the operator to optimize the tool path for every type of wood and material.

software 2

Hogging and Tenon operation shown

This machine is programmable in the X, Y, and Z axes, each of which is equipped with a brushless motor and alpha gear reducer for precise and quick positioning. The movement of the carriage is on linear rails with square guides and transmission by precision ball screw