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OMAL - Company profile

Since 1986

Company history

OMAL was founded in 1986 in the heart of Brianza, a territory dedicated to the production of high-quality furniture, when the skilled craftsman Luigi Arnaboldi gave life to a woodworking machine shop.

In the beginning, the small company in Senna Comasco managed the maintenance and repair of machines and systems built by third parties, but thanks to his innovative ideas Arnaboldi started to develop his own line of machines.

At the start, Arnaboldi focused on the design of glue management systems used in carpentry. The countless variables in the process required researched and tested solutions, and after two years of research, experiments, failures and successes, Arnaboldi succeeded in developing a precise and reliable technology that, to this day, can be described as one of the best on the market.

Customers began to place their trust in the company, which was becoming less artisanal and more focused on modern production processes. In addition to the impeccable gluing system management, OMAL began working on wood drilling for dowel, hardware and hinges insertion. In the mid-1990s they developed the first CNC machine for drilling, gluing and inserting dowels into panels in the furniture industry, and for solid wood in the window and door industry.

With this new technology, OMAL was able to meet the growing demand for customized drilling and insertion solutions, supporting just-in-time production through integration with nesting centers and CNC machining centers.

Vision, Values and Philosophy

The value of family

In the art of woodworking, creativity and experience create a delicate balance, fundamental in the OMAL world. Over the years, Luigi Arnaboldi has gone from being a simple craftsman to gathering experience and skills that, thanks to his sense of innovation and creativity, have enabled the company to achieve impressive goals.

Luigi has always been supported by his family, his wife Fiorina and daughter Claudia, who have followed him with confidence in all his decisions and projects. It was his son Marco, who has always been close to his father’s activities, who revolutionized the solution design and became the CEO of the company in recent years.

Today, OMAL is living its second generation: born as a small business, it has become a family company that follows its customers with care and attention, striving to give its best to create customized solutions for every need and requirement, all based on a relationship of trust and transparency. Furthermore, OMAL does not focus on quarterly financial performance: investments are calculated over the long term, always putting quality first.

Vision, Values and Philosophy

A new facility for our future vision

Since its beginnings, OMAL’s goal has been to design innovative, high-quality, easy to set up machines with a technical design that meet market demand. Designed in-house in a highly specialized engineering and technical department, OMAL machines are sophisticated mechanical, electrical and software solutions built to have low maintenance requirements, always available assistance, long service life and high levels of reliability.

The company’s rapid growth has led to the construction of a new facility in Cantù, a modern building designed by architect Giorgio Motta and completed in 2021. In this new location, OMAL has further invested in metalworking machines and automated warehouses, improving its after-sales service. Compared to the original site in Senna Comasco, this 4000 square meter structure was built thinking about the future: equipped with energy-saving technologies and great attention to the environment, the facility consists of an administrative and design department, large spaces for training courses, and a state-of-the-art production facility for the in-house manufacture of components using sophisticated metal machining centers.

Vision, Values and Philosophy


OMAL’s philosophy has always been to create innovative machines, without ever compromising on the quality.

The products are built in high-performance centers, guaranteeing total safety and reliability.

OMAL doesn’t just produce solutions that satisfy customers, but pays the utmost attention to their needs before, during, and after the design and sale of each product, to deliver an all-round OMAL experience.