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Omal at LIGNA 2023

Omal at LIGNA 2023

Omal at LIGNA 2023

LIGNA 2023 is looked to as a guide for the key issues that will shape the wood industry in the coming years. The next edition of LIGNA will put the spotlight on Woodworking Transformation, Prefab Building Processes and Green Material Processing. 

Woodworking Transformation - The digital solutions on display will cover a wide range of areas – from planning and design to production and quality monitoring.

Prefab Building Processes - The show will shine a light on how timber is used as a building material and the individual planning, prefabrication and assembly steps involved in multi-level construction.

Prefab Building Processes and Green Material Processing - the organizers are highlighting the economic and technological innovations arising from the new processing and finishing options for timber as a key renewable resource.

LIGNA will present solutions for every aspect of primary and secondary wood production and processing, grouped into the following display categories: Tools and Machinery for Custom and Mass Production, Surface Technology, Wood Based Panel Production, Sawmill Technology, Energy from Wood, Machine Components and Automation Technology, and Machinery for Forestry, Roundwood and Sawntimber Production.

Omal srl believes it is making a significant contribution to woodworking around the world and it is a Company dedicated to systems and solutions for boring, doweling, profiling and inserting technologies for single and double sided machines, primarily for the wood working industry.

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